ISA - UV/Vis Spectrometer Module


The ISA - UV/Vis Spectrometer Module is a compact UV/Vis spectrometer that allows the simultaneous determination of a variety of parameters, such as COD, Nitrate, TOC, TSS, BOD & DOC with one optical sensor. The ISA - UV/Vis Spectrometer Module is designed to expand an existing spectrometer system or to realize a decentralized placement of BlueBox controller and spectrometer. In the module version, the sensor head is connected via an optical fiber to the electronic module, which can be connected via CAN bus to a controller from the BlueBox system.


The ISA UV/Vis spectrometer is always calibrated on-site using laboratory values. This customer-specific calibration ensures high measurement accuracy and the selection of the correct wavelengths. The system can be calibrated to the following parameters:
Ammonium, Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), Chemical oxygen demand (COD), Colour, Dissolved organic carbon (DOC), Total phosphorus (TP), Total nitrogen (TN), Total organic carbon (TOC), Total suspended solids (TSS), Nitrate, Nitrite, Orthophosphate, SAC, Turbidity, UVT
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