How do we generate a perfect solution? What is different?
ASE independently educate customer with proper approaches of evaluation analytic principle for particular processes and application. Analyzer brand preference would not be influenced.
We responsible to collect basic data needed, preliminary calculation required for system design.
DEP, licensor, end user engineering standard could be complied.
The provision we offered covers from design, engineering, fabrication, integration, testing, startup and commissioning by our own team assuring we deliver the complete working systems to customer and they can operate for long lasting duty period.
Guarantee and warranty provided for full system.
We are the single contact serving all system sections no matter analyzers as, sample handling system, communication or even configuration programming while others would participate from multiple parties and spend longer to resolve the problem



Analyzer System
spectrometer technique
Combustion technique
CEMs Time Sharing
indoor cabinet
Analyzer in outdoor Cabinet
with Air Condition
( Hazadouse Area Zone2 )

CIS : Chemical Injection 

SWAS : Stream and Water
Analysis in house
Instrument Gas Skid
SWAS in open rack
AWOS : Automated Weather
Observing System
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