Analytics work on clients operation not limit to Process Control – Process Monitoring, Quality prove, Process propagation, safety and environment protection by mean of working complete integrated.
Process Control & product quality:
- How to identify what's going on in chemical processing of the plant?
- Real time proportional (or concentration) of chemical components behovely change along with the processing.
- Indication for assuring whether the apparent circumstances will achieve target production output or not. If not, the most significant variable factors shall be obtained immediately for process adjustment.
- Mutually accepted indicators for product yield / purity / or deviation standards.
- Availability of process analysis systems since they are used for process control otherwise reprocessing must be proceed because of rejection due to unqualified output and consequence with huge amount of lost due to the repeat, raw material consumption and  other related resources.

- Top priority to maintain 360 degree safety matter in order to avoid unaffordable disaster to mankind, properties and economy.
Therefore variable factors related to safety characteristics must be obtained as per safety threshold level. 

What are the difficulties for a solution / what are the preconditions ?
 Aside from undergo with licensor specification, customers have to take part in evaluation of analytic approaches suit for their process.
 Balancing of Pros & Cons need to be educated.
 Consulting with a single vendor would not comply all entire scopes.
 Multiple parties in communication channels.
 Tiring with so many revisions in technical evaluation.
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