Unready for CEMs! Is it possible to extend the deadline?

     As you may know if you've been keeping up with the news or reading our most recent articles, the installation of CEMs as a response to the recent announcement made by the Ministry of Industryrequiring certain industries to install equipment to report air pollution from industrial chimneys has been a hot topic recently. This announcement requires certain industries to install equipment to report air pollution from industrial chimneys. 

     If a factory is included in the statement and had an operational license prior to the announcement, then it is required to have CEMs installed by June 9, 2024, or else it will be subject to severe penalties.

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     The deadline for CEMs installation is coming up; would it be possible to ask the Ministry of Industry for more time if your industry is having trouble meeting the requirements? Let's say you discover that you can't implement CEMs by the ministry's deadline and you want to ask for a deadline extension. 

     If the following requirements apply to your manufacturing plant:

  Your facility does not have a shutdown period for equipment installation before June 9, 2024. The installation will not be able to take place until after the 9th of June in 2024. Or

  Your manufacturing facility will be shutting down in the near future.

     " You can submit a request for permission to the Department of Industrial Works. "

    Do not wait another year if you are in a position to request an extension and you intend to do so. Documentation is required to be submitted to the Department of Industrial Works for approval no later than the 1st of April in 2024.

     The Department of Industrial Works will evaluate your request and determine if an extension can be granted. It is important to submit your request as soon as possible to allow for sufficient time for evaluation and potential approval.

     Once you have submitted all of the necessary paperwork to the Department of Industrial Works, the verification procedure will take around 7 working days. If everything checks out, your request will be sent on for approval, which should take around 20 business days.

     The checking process will take about 7 working days after you have submitted all of the documentation to the Department of Industrial Works. If your request is complete and correct, it will be forwarded for approval, which will take about 20 working days. After that you will receive a letter back within 7 working days. If the information is incorrect or incomplete, the department will contact you to request further information, which you must provide within 30 days of receiving the notification so that the Department of Industrial Works can further process your request.

    There is a long list of items that you need to have ready to submit for approval, but we can split them down into five categories for easier management.

1. Company's Letter to the Director of the Industrial Works Department

2. Company’s Paperwork

2.1 Copy of Company Certificate

2.2 Copy of Permit for factory operation (Ror Ngor. 4)
*only required for factories located outside of the industrial estate*

2.3 Copy of the latest Notification of Industrial Operation receipt (IEAT 03/2)
*only required for factories located in the industrial estate*

In the event of a renewal, please provide the renewal license for land use and business operation (IEAT.03/6).

2.4 Authorized Power of Attorney letter, copy of grantor and grantee ID cards

*Only required if a power of attorney exists*

3. Company’s Work plan and implementation schedule

    Included in the plan should be the specifics of the plan, such as major maintenance plans, business termination plans, factory pollution control or measurement plans throughout the desired extension period, plans to install specific tools or equipment, and so on. Additionally, the completion date should be included. It is important to ensure that the work plan and implementation schedule are realistic and achievable within the desired extension period. Any potential risks or challenges should also be identified and addressed in the plan. 

In the event of a turnaround, an attached copy of the schedule for the previous two operations is required.

4. Information on Manufacturing

     Information such as the name of the production unit, the type of production unit, the production capacity, the type of fuel used, discharge information from the shape of the shaft end, diameter, height, distance, and a great deal of other information will all be included in this section. In addition to this requirement, a certification from a civil engineer attesting to the structural soundness of the chimney and any other relevant details is necessary.

5. Air pollution Measurement Data

     You will be required to provide information about the results of the measurements concerning the pollution. Any information on pollution measures that is included with the request needs to meet the standard that was outlined in the announcement made by the Department of Industry. For example, there needs to be a minimum of 10 measurements taken over a minimum of 2 years, and the data that is collected needs to be measured at least 45 days apart from one another.

     To receive an email with a detailed list of the materials required to submit an application for approval to the Department of Industrial Works, as well as an example of a comparable form, please “click here” and enter your information. Free of charge!! We will provide you the file including all the information required to submit the paperwork to the Department of Industrial Works.

     We understand that the paperwork process can be overwhelming, so we are here to help you every step of the way. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for any assistance you may need so if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need assistance putting together the necessary documentation, you are welcome to get free advice from us. Contact us through our LINE OA, just    click here. Our support team is standing by to put you in touch with specialists who are able to provide you with straight responses to any questions you may have.

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