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You as a customer can choose between a few companies who are excellent analyzer system integrator.

We want to give you an impression about ASE and we want to show to you why customer work with ASE on their projects.

Industries Served

In high-tech industrial production the analysis of production parameter and their monitoring are essential to assure quality, but also to optimize the production process commercially.

For many branches, we offer custom-tailored, comprehensive solutions for the analysis of production paramenter and the monitoring of production data.


Service is the only difference between us and our suppliers – this is what we know.

We also know that there are a few companies able to provide excellent engineered analytical solutions.

If only service makes the difference: What services does ASE offer and what is different in their services compared to others?


If you are looking for certain products for analysis or for the monitoring of production data, we can demonstrate our experience in the selection and integration of required parts and components.

We build our technical solutions from parts and components provided by well-known manufacturers.

Over the years we have learnt that there are differences in the products of each manufacturer. We know for which application which solution fits best.