FTIR Gas Analyzers


Protea’s range of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Gas Analyzers allows for the measurement of nearly any gas with one instrument. A FTIR gas analyzer collects a full infrared spectrum continuously, allowing for hundreds of gases to be detected and measured at once. Changes are only needed to software calibration files to measure new gases.

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Our FTIR gas analyzers represent the highest levels of performance and accuracy in industrial and research gas measurements. Protea offers a number of standard FTIR configurations that are designed for specific applications including:

-Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) FTIR
-Online process FTIR gas analysis
-High concentration FTIR systems
-Very low concentration ppb FTIR analyzers
-Portable FTIR gas analyzers

Protea was the first company in the UK to use FTIR gas analyzers for mobile stack emissions testing. Protea has been able to develop our instrumentation with an understanding of the needs of our end-users and customers. In-house development of software algorithms, FTIR gas cell optics and sampling system control systems allows us to provide not only the high performance FTIR analyzer but the complete measurement system around it.
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