Chemical Dosing

The engineering of a Chemical Dosing system we call easier than the integration of analyzer . A dosing skid can be calculated and built by many companies.

For your further information we have prepared for download:
1. Presentation “Chemical Dosing”

2. Our check sheet “Chemical Dosing”, providing the required basic data for the design of a chemical dosing system.

3. Our White Paper “Chemical Dosing” addressed to technician and engineers.

For a customer it is always imortant to know why it should be of advantage doing business with ASE:

Broad Understanding

Together with our colleagues from Innovek’s Rotating Department (Top- and side enty agitators,static mixer) we have a brought understanding in this field.

DCS Integration

A chemical dosing system is a subsystem which has to be integrated to the overall system.

For efficiency and reliability it is important that the chemical dosing system is perfectly linked to the factories DCS (Distributed Control Systems).

Our main business is the integration of all kinds of analyzer. These analyser often cause a huge amount of data to be transmitted most accurately. During the last 25 years we have gained experience in the secure detection and transmission of data.

One-stop Chemicals

The chemical dosing system itself (the hardware) and the chemicals normally come from different manufacturer.

Looking a chemical dosing systems for cooling towers, the cooling tower and the chemcial dosing are separated and parts of different packages.
No separation at ASE – just one stop.

For the supply of dosing chemicals we co-operate with renowned manufactrer.