Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems

Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) are used to monitor the effluent gas streams resulting from combustion in industrial processes compliance with air emission standards such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) depending on local law and regulations. 

CEMS consist of:
1)Gas analysis system.
2)Particles monitoring system.
3)Gas temperature/pressure/flow measurement
4)Data Acquisition System (DAS)

ASE incorporates CEMS starting from technical review by means of knowing industry types, feasibility check with application based, determination of suitable analyzers for their required measuring performances which are concerned about gas stream characteristics, measuring ranges and detector sensitivity. Engineering designs CEMS sampling system and their associates such as analyzer shelter, utility supply system, calibration facilities properly for integrated analyzers, instruments and equipment.

ASE delivers complete working systems in variety integration values and no limit to stand alone cabinets for installation in control room, free standing field cabinets, explosion proof shelters. Their functions are widely assigned for certain application which are well known for Power plants, steel plants, cement plants, Chemical / Petrochemical plants, waste incineration plant and other industrial application emission gas monitoring.