About ASE Thailand

ASE Thailand was established in 2016 as a spin-off of ASE Singapore. The intention was to offer an even better service. At ASE Singapore the company facility cannot be extended and Singaporian labor costs increase the sales price.

At ASE Thailand we are proud of our regularly manufacturer trained engineers, technicians  and support stuff. Around 30 persons are actually employed by us.

In order to maintain our highly motivated teams we share the success of the company and our high training expenses pay off many times.

Together with ASE Singapore we can look back to over 20 years of very well served customers, proven by our long reference list.

During all these years it was important to us to stay independent, not to be tied-up with a certain manufacturer. This independence allows us to engineer the best solution for our customers – technically and commercially.

Today we are part of Innovek Asia, a renowned manufacturer of field erected cooling towers and we are  fully supported in case of engineering issues by ASE Singapore Рone reason why we are often ahead of our competitors.

At ASE we are ready to bring in our part to find the the most appropriae solution for our customers and to finish a project successfully.


Supaporn Pinsuwannasak
General Manager ASE Thailand